DECANT Global Order Platform

Fast and Convenient Brand Sourcing

DECANT's distribution partners can receive invoice numbers and logistics tracking numbers for orders from overseas brands within 24 hours.

In addition, you can connect with DECANT Manager at any time and make smart transactions with branded sales services, a variety of payment and logistics solutions within three days.

Global Order system

Brands and buyers no longer need to travel to meet each other.

Get a quick look at quality fashion-lifestyle-food products from over 250 brands connected to DECANT and manage your orders.

Features for Convenient B2B Import & Export 

Conveniently check 35,000 products registered from more than 250 brands and download them in Excel at once to check the product information.

If you fill in the quantity in Excel and upload it to the platform, it will be automatically sent to the brand and you can create an invoice at once.

Convenient Local currency Payment 

Provide optimized payment services to your country 

Pay for the product with the electronic payment service that is widely used in China, Asia, and the world, such as alipay, WEChat pay and as well as Visa, Master, and Unionpay cards

App localization and local administrator 

Provides an app service environment and purchase, customer service, and content service optimized for 12 Country's partners.

- Language and payment and logistics support in a total of 12 countries

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35,000 +

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