DECANT Global Order Platform

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All in one - processing

Partners in Asia can order Korean brand products upon signing up and receive an invoice number for Korean brand products within 24 hours.


Additionally, it is possible to trade in various ways by using various payments and logistics solutions by connecting with the DECANT manager at any time.

Global Order system

No more brands and buyers have to travel to meet each other

Order management through Decant order system with over 1000 retailers connected to Decant

APPs Localization & Local Manager

Provide app service environment and purchase, customer service, content service optimized for local countries

- Language and payment and logistics support in a total of 11 countries
    (China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Americas, Europe) 

- Global APP / WEB service

- China WeChat Mini program

Convenient Local currency Payment 

Provide optimized payment services to your country 

Pay for the product with the electronic payment service that is widely used in China, Asia, and the world, such as alipay, WEChat pay, molpay, and Grabpay as well as Visa, Master, and Unionpay cards

100% Authentic Product Guarantee

The sealed QR certification code of DECANT allows consumers and buyers to check the original product. 

Consumers can individually scan the QR code of the product to check whether it is genuine, enabling reliable product distribution.

*Support for 4 Language Certification on all QR-enabled platforms

DECANT brands connection

Simple process, Fast way to Global

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Unparalleled Network 

We service 100+ brands and 1,300+ retailers across 6 countries

Service & Satisfaction 

We’re available always and communicate with brand and retailers as soon as possible

Consultative Approach 

We develop and provide various payments and various logistics services for the brand's overseas growth.