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Why Brand chose DECANT

DECANT is not just  E-COMMERCE platform.

DECANT connects to global retail and buyers that suit the brand and to various events, events, and fashion weeks for the brand's growth overseas. 

The brand doesn't need an overseas team. From overseas promotion to order management, logistics, and CS, DECANT will be with you.

Product & Order Management

Just register the product with Decant X program, Decant's own ERP system

You can check the order management, logistics management, and various issues at once, at one page.

Logistics & Parcel Management

When you receive the order, please send the product to DECANT's Seoul Logistics Center (Seongsu-dong) or request the 1day pick-up service by DECANT. 

The DECANT Logistics Manager is responsible for the fastest overseas delivery of brand orders in conjunction with 24 hours exports.

Multinational payments & Settlement

DECANT supports the largest number of multinational payments to manage payments from various retailers and buyers. 

The amount paid in various countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia can be settled in KRW at once.

100% Authentic Product Guarantee

The sealed QR certification code of DECANT allows consumers and buyers to check the original product. 

The disposable QR code, which is difficult to imitate, allows consumers to check whether it is genuine or not, and is responsible for safe overseas distribution of the brand by preventing distribution channels and fake production.

*Support for 4 Language Certification on all QR-enabled platforms

Shanghai / Paris Fashion week & PR

Products registered with DECANT can be promoted online and offline trade through Shanghai and Paris Fashion Week, and B2C can be promoted through SNS and media with local influencers

* Extra cost incurred

Global Growth with DECANT

eyeye 22FW collection

$3.2K + 

AVG 1time Wholesale order volume

1.3K + 

Retail Buyer Connections

35K +

Annual Products register

Simple process, Fast way to Global

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Unparalleled Network 

We service 100+ brands and 1,300+ retailers across 6 countries

Service & Satisfaction 

We’re available always and communicate with brand and retailers as soon as possible

Consultative Approach 

We develop and provide various payments and various logistics services for the brand's overseas growth.